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About us

At BerryFirst we commit to enhance good health. Yours and your family’s.


BerryFirst commitment to good health

Our aspiration to enhance the good health of you and your family is at the core of our commitment to meet and exceed our own rigorous product standards.


BerryFirst delivers quality dietary supplements

Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between the most current scientifically proved formulas and their application in everyday natural health practices through quality dietary supplements and foods.


Purity is key to our dietary supplements

Our priority is to use third-party-tests to test each raw material and finished product lot for purity, identity and potency, without exception.


BerryFirst is setting the bar for the highest standards in manufacturing of supplements

BerryFirst is setting the bar for the highest standards in quality assurance and good manufacturing practices.


The attitude, passion and dedication of BerryFirsters to our consumers is the secret to our success.


BerryFirst’s Story

BerryFirst is a newly established dynamic, challenging health-sciences and technology company dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of novel technology-based natural health products, the promotion of health, and the prevention of human diseases. BerryFirst was incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan on March 15, 2016. The Company has immense talent and outstanding scientists for natural health products research and practice innovation. Our research team is doing important research in diverse areas that have societal impact on enhancing the health and wellbeing of the citizens of not only Canada, but of the world. After years of research for our high-quality plant-based natural products, we set up a business that has been commercializing our significant research results and marketing these products to benefit the public.

The story of Berry First
Investing in a wide range of technologies to help produce pure supplements
Our team is dedicated to deliver quality health supplements

How We Got Here

A critical component of BerryFirst is its wide range of technologies for natural health products. Our world class research team composed of experts in pharmacy and nutrition as well as anti-cancer medicine, developed several formulas for nutraceutical products for health support and disease prevention at BerryFirst research lab.

The team uses most-advanced technology to utilize nature (plants) so we can live healthier, and help people to strengthen their immune system and prevent several major diseases. From these products, we’ve expanded to create and co-create a range of plant-based nutraceutical products and dietary supplements to help you live better on your own terms. The effect of BerryFirst’s products have been proved by consistent lab results through the rigid scientific procedure.

Advanced health medicine lab
Our advanced lab is producing pure health supplements
High standard natural supplements
100% organic supplements

The products use local plants and are close to 100% organic. Our products meet and exceed Canadian Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP), Health Canada regulations, FDA regulations, and the highest nutraceutical quality standards anywhere. BerryFirst products particularly appeal to the aging population, mothers and students who need natural health products to enhance their health.

Community Involvement

We attach a special emphasis on stakeholder engagement, based on sincere dialog with all of our stakeholders including consumers, their families, healthcare providers, shareholders, investors, local communities and employees. Our community involvement reflects our desire to contribute to the wellness of people and the world. BerryFirst agrees to substantially contribute to philanthropic organizations serving for the betterment of the greater community. We promise to commit 20% of company profits to charity organizations as well as research and development regarding human health.

Community Involvement
Berry First and the environment


BerryFirst is conscious of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. With respect to production, packaging, and distribution, we adhere to Health Canada's Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) and FDA regulations. All bottles and packing material used for BerryFirst products can be recycled.

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